Operating at the intersection of
technology, policy, economics and the environment.

Delivering first-class opportunities in environmental markets.

The value of environmental attributes should rise as the energy transition takes hold.

Emissions reductions and economic returns do not need to happen in isolation.

Markets help internalize externalities, and pricing negative environmental outcomes is a key mechanism to drive investment into lower-emissions technologies and processes.


Command of supply and demand.

Molecule Ventures' deep understanding of policy design and supply/demand balances enables the firm to build conviction in the asymmetric potential of the markets in which it participates.

Financially aligned and impact-driven, Molecule Ventures aims to deliver compelling returns alongside climate-positive outcomes.


Built to execute in environmental markets.

Advantaged by its deep financial and energy sector experience plus professional and academic evaluation of market-based mechanisms to cut emissions, Molecule Ventures brings a highly complementary and focused skill set to the space.

The founding team shares a history of working together to implement successful asset management businesses and a demonstrated commitment to the social and environmental gains delivered by participation in these markets.
Nick Kracov
Co-Portfolio Manager
Gary Claar
Senior Advisor
Nik Mittal
Co-Portfolio Manager
Jenny Strassburg
Investor Relations

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